RF 1393 A/B 

RF 1393 A/B is a medium fast curing toughened epoxy adhesive system for bonding a wide variety of substrates. This product is slightly thixotropic, and so can be used on vertical surfaces without excessive run out from the bond line. RF 1393 A/B has excellent adhesion to metal and plastic substrates as well as excellent water soak and environmental resistance. RF 1393 A/B has been used to bond Fluorocarbon sheeting to steel structures.




E.V. Roberts is a full-service supplier of advanced engineered materials. We are fully AS- and ISO-certified and authorized to distribute 3M, Henkel, and Momentive adhesives and films, sealants, surface treatments, resins, curing agents and more. Resin Formulators- our custom formulation division, manufactures custom epoxy resin solutions, while our dispensing and packaging business ensures precision and efficiency.


Resin Formulators (E.V. Roberts)

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