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H-Sperse® 2000A 

H-Sperse® 2000A is a built for purpose dispersant which has been phosphated to give it unique anionic characteristics. The ionic phosphate groups bind tightly to a variety of inorganic materials, while the non-ionic hydrophobe portion will prevent agglomeration and flocculation of many types of inorganic particulate materials. It is APE/NPE free, and exhibits very low toxicity. The phosphate functional group promotes excellent adhesion to the inorganic particulate giving good dispersion stability under difficult conditions, such as highly saline solutions. The phosphate groups can also enhance fire retardancy. In addition, the phosphate groups can also enhance corrosion resistance in coatings applied to metals.




Harcros Chemicals is a global manufacturer of specialty additives for the paint and coatings, adhesive and sealants, and graphics arts and ink industries. Additionally, Harcros' technical team is capable of providing assistance for various applications.


Harcros Chemicals, Inc.

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