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Glyoxal 40% 

Glyoxal 40% is a colorless to pale yellow and transparent liquid which boils at 104°C. It is most widely used as a cross-linking agent in the production of permanent press resins for textiles, of moisture resistant glues and adhesives, as well as moisture resistant foundry binders. Glyoxal 40% is also used to improve the wet strength of paper and the moisture resistance of leather.




Dalian Onichem Co., Ltd. focuses on the technology, production, and sales of organo-functional silane Coatings additives and specialty chemicals. Onichem is the leading supplier of silanes in China and specializes in amino silanes, which can be used as coupling agents and crosslinkers to improve adhesion to difficult surfaces and promote moisture resistance among other benefits.



Dalian Onichem Co., Ltd. 大连奥利凯化工有限公司

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