Boldo Plant Extract 

Boldo Plant Extract is made from the leaves of the Peumus boldus Molina plant. It is a dry extract that is soluble in ethanol and water. It has a 0.2% title and a support of maltodextrin. The alcaloids which are extracted from the leaf have a function in urinal eliminations, on the digestion, and also a choleretic effect. They are often proposed alongside other drugs, notably the artichoke. Boldo extracts are also regularly used in specialties which aim to reduce oesophagian and epigastric discomfort.


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Evear Extraction is a manufacturer in the Food and Beverage Industry. This company specializes in plant and aromatic extraction to create health foods and food supplements. Evear Extraction's system range includes Acerola Plant Extract - 25% Vitamin C, Artichoke Plant Extract - 10% Polyphenol, Boldo Plant Extract, Hawthorn Plant Extract, etc. These products serve as flavor and coloring agents.


Evear Extraction

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