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Fresh Spray Dried Mushroom Juice Powder 

Fresh Spray Dried Mushroom Juice Powder is created from freshly picked mushrooms. The mushrooms are blanched and pressed, and the outlet juice is pasteurized, centrifuged, and concentrated. It is then filtered through an ultra filtration unit to remove all the precipitated proteins. Finally, the mushroom concentrate is spray-dried on a maltodextrin carrier.


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Evear Extraction is a manufacturer in the Food and Beverage Industry. This company specializes in plant and aromatic extraction to create health foods and food supplements. Evear Extraction's system range includes Acerola Plant Extract - 25% Vitamin C, Artichoke Plant Extract - 10% Polyphenol, Boldo Plant Extract, Hawthorn Plant Extract, etc. These products serve as flavor and coloring agents.


Evear Extraction

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