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Ingredients for Sweet Applications

L'Italiana Aromi srl目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

L'Italiana Aromi's range of ingredients for sweet applications includes fruit flavourings, butter flavours, spray-dried fruit juices, natural and flavoured fruit semi-processed products, coffee and cocoa extract, and functional extracts. It also includes creamy, mellow flavourings such as hazelnut, chocolate, coffee, cappuccino, cream, and toffee. Applications include baked products, fillings, snacks, desserts, yoghurt, ice creams, toppings, candies, and instant products such as hot chocolate, capsules, and pods).


L’Italiana Aromi specialises in the production of flavourings, extracts and distillates for the food & beverage industry. Since 1890 we have combined traditional methods, best ingredients and innovative techniques to develop new and exciting products for a wide range of applications. Whatever your need, we have the expertise to satisfy it!




L'Italiana Aromi srl

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