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Burnt Sugar 


D.D. Williamson

Burnt Sugar is a light to dark brown liquid or powder obtained from the controlled heating of sugars used primarily for flavouring and/or sweetening with incidental colour. Consumers in many regions continue to demand natural foods. In response, food and beverage manufacturers are formulating with simple, clean label options — including “Burnt Sugar” and “Colour: Plain Caramel.” Applications include baked goods, breakfast cereals, dessert toppings, sauces, seasonings, coffee drinks and confectionery products.



D.D. Williamson is a leading supplier of natural colourings, natural flavors and caramel colors for the food and beverage industry. They developed the natural flavor line for the markets demand for clean labels. D.D. Williamson's flavours may be labeled as “Natural Flavor” in North America and “Natural Flavouring” in Europe and can be labeled “colouring foodstuffs” (no E numbers) in Europe.


D.D. Williamson

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