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Dextrin is a product obtained by the partial hydrolysis of starch using enzyme and spray drying the refined and concentrated solution with the hydrolysis of starch that connects the functional characteristics between starch and powder wheat-gluten. It has lower hygroscopicity compared to that of the existing powder wheat-gluten with excellent dispersibility when dissolving but also has expandability with low browning tendency and can easily be digested. It is suitable for fruit juice, soup, coffee, snacks, dairy, baby food, etc.


Daesang Corporation is the largest starch and starch sugar manufacturer in Korea. It manufactures and sells ingredients such as general starch used as the raw material for confectioneries and various processed foods, fructose that is widely used in carbonated drinks, starch syrup (processing corn) and oligosaccharides. They are committed to providing the best quality, taste and services to bring customer satisfaction by valuing and reflecting every opinion of their customers.



Daesang Corporation

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