Kalama® Potassium Benzoate 

Kalama® Potassium benzoate is a high quality fine chemical, specifically manufactured for food and beverage use. It is designed to replace sodium benzoate in applications where the preserving power of benzoic acid is required, but where a low sodium content is desired. It is often used in low-sugar jams, marmalades, and jellies, as well as in alcohol-free beer. It can also be used in combination with artificial sweeteners to create a desired taste profile in non-alcoholic flavored soft drinks. Kalama® Potassium benzoate is an FDA GRAS food additive, approved for use as an antimicrobial agent, and as a flavoring agent.




Emerald Performance Materials globally manufactures specialty chemicals used in Food and Beverage. This company offers a variety of chemicals that enhance the performance, taste, smell, shelf life, and appearance of food products. Emerald Performance Materials brands include Carmine, MAZU® DF 230SC, Purox® S Grains, etc. These products are applied in jams, vegetable and potato products, juices, etc.


Emerald Performance Materials

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