FD& C Red No.3 Granular 

FD& C Red No.3 Granular, also known as Erythrosine, is an organo-iodine compound, specifically as a derivative of fluorine. It is cherry-pink and primarily used for food coloring. It is the disodium salt of 2,4,5,7-tetraiodofluorescein. This products maximum absorbency rate is at 530 nano meters in an aqueous solution, and is subject to photo-degradation. It is commonly used in sweet foods such as candies and popsicles. Another of its main uses is an additive in cake-decorating gels.




Emerald Performance Materials globally manufactures specialty chemicals used in Food and Beverage. This company offers a variety of chemicals that enhance the performance, taste, smell, shelf life, and appearance of food products. Emerald Performance Materials brands include Carmine, MAZU® DF 230SC, Purox® S Grains, etc. These products are applied in jams, vegetable and potato products, juices, etc.


Emerald Performance Materials

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