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AlzChem Shanghai Co. Ltd.目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

Alipure® is a highly pure solvent-free form of alpha lipoic acid that appears as a yellowish crystalline powder. It can be used as a food supplement and antioxidant. This product is unique in that it is universally soluble, having both water- and fat-soluble properties, offering antioxidant protection against free radicals inside and outside the body’s cells. Alpha lipoic acid is readily absorbed when taken orally. This product can be used in functional food applications.


AlzChem, LLC is focused on sports nutrition. They offer a pure, solvent-free form of alpha lipoic acid and a highly pure creatine monohydrate. To ensure the safety and consistent quality of their products, AlzChem, LLC they manufacture their dietary supplements in a GMP plant (Good Manufacturing Plant).



AlzChem Shanghai Co. Ltd.

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