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Ethyl Maltol 

Ethyl Maltol is a white, crystalline powder with a sweet, fruit-like flavor when dissolved in weak solution. It is a safe, nontoxic and widely-used aromatic food additive with a potent effect, even when used in small amounts. It increases flavor and sweetness in items such as ice cream, jelly, ketchup, chocolate, candies, desserts, beverages, essences, wines, tobacco products, and other consumables. It additionally acts as a preservative.




Anhui Jinhe Industrial manufactures fine chemicals and is the largest producer in the world of Maltol, Ethyl Maltol and Acesulfame-K. They own patented technology and they are a leader in innovation in China. Anhui Jinhe Industrial provides customer audits to their clients to visit periodically and visit their clients regularly for technical instructions and solutions.


Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd.

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