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Roasted and Diced Hazelnut Kernels 


Arslanturk S.A.

Roasted and Diced Hazelnut Kernels are hazelnuts with the shell removed that have been roasted and diced. Sizes available are between 1-12 mm with 2, 3, or 4 mm size differences. Roasted Diced Hazelnuts can be sold as is or incorporated into cereals, granolas, cookies, brownies and confectioneries.



Arslanturk S.A. is a producer and supplier of hazelnuts to Europe and Asia. They offer roasted blanched, diced and sliced natural and roasted hazelnuts, hazelnut meals and pastes. Arslanturk S.A. is committed to obeying environmental regulations and laws and sustainability.


Arslanturk S.A.

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