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Wine Syrup 

Wine Syrup is a colorless or light yellow transparent high viscous liquid with the sweetness of sucrose and has considerable scale and pure flavor. Wine Syrup is sweet, close to natural grape juice and tastes better than sucrose. It has good stability under acidic conditions so that the wine quality and stability hold their characteristics. Wine Syrup is a base wine flavor and has characteristics of corn starch as a raw material. The use of biological enzyme technology was used to refine this special syrup.




Baolingbao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a supplier of agricultural product-based food and health ingredients for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Their ingredients include prebiotics, dietary fiber, polyols, plant extracts, functional sugar, bio polysaccharides and more. Baolingbao Biotech provides solutions for modifying flavor, taste, texture and nutrition in dairy, beverage, baked and sweetener products.



Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd.

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