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Ethyl Maltol 

Ethyl Maltol is a white crystalline powder having a characteristic odor and a sweet, fruit like flavor in dilute solution. This product is a safe, nontoxic and widely-used flavor and fragrance enhancer. It is used in food, beverage, wine, cosmetics, tobacco, etc. It has a remarkable effect on improving and increasing the flavor of food and it enhances the sweetness of food. It can also keep food longer. Applications for this product also include soft drink, ice cream and ice frozen novelties, sorbets, roasted food, pudding, jelly, ketchup, chocolate and candy.




Beijing Tianlihai Flavors & Fragrances specializes in the manufacturing of flavor and fragrance. Their main products are Ethyl Maltol and Maltol. Beijing Tianlihai produces their products in accordance with published international standards.


Beijing Tianlihai Flavors & Fragrances Co., Ltd.

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