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Organic Sladek 


Castle Malting

Organic Sladek is characterized by a high share of beta fraction and high yield potential, with a nice aroma of mild and an excellent impact on hoppy taste and aroma of beer. It is a foremost variety for the second hopping of lager type beers (with Saaz used for the last hop addition). Some breweries use it also for third hop addition in case of non-premium beers. It is suggested to be used in organic Ales and Lagers.


Certification Statement


Castle Malting® is the oldest malting plant in Belgium and one of the oldest malt producers and suppliers in the world. They offer malt, hops, yeasts, spices, caps, sugars and cleaning products. Castle Malting® has managed to create a truly unique company that is able to respond to malt demands of any kind including those of a home brewer to the customized requirements of industrial breweries.


Castle Malting

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