Stevia Reb-A/Erythritol Blend 

Stevia Reb-A/Erythritol is a proprietary blend of two natural sweeteners. Niutang uses a 97% FCC grade Reb-A extract of the Stevia leaf and an FCC grade Erythritol to create a great tasting product with a lower caloric index than sugar. The Stevia Reb-A provides a sweetness intensity that is 300-400 times sweeter than sugar and the Erythritol provides the volume, texture and microbial stability. Our Blend I is twice as sweet as sugar and our Blend II is four times as sweet as sugar.




Niutang Chemical is a leading manufacturer and distributor of food additives, chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. While they manufacture more than 20 products that have applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and industrial products, their core products include Sucralose, Aspartame, Folic Acid and TGIC.


Changzhou Niutang Chemical, Inc.

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