Dark Concentrate 17.1L / 50Lbs 



Dark Concentrate 17.1L / 50LBS pure maple syrup offers more flavor, less sugar and low cost. Dark Concentrate flavour is strong maple taste, caramel and bitter. Light transmission is 1% - 5%. Dark Concentrate is totally natural, without added ingredients and GMO free. Dark Concentrate has less sight effects on end products—stability, crystallization, humidity. It is shelf stable at ambient temperatures (to be refrigerated after opening) and is ideal as a base for savory products like BBQ or baking sauces.



Nutritional & Analytical Information

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Citadelle produces and supplies maple, honey and cranberry products organization. They are the world's largest supplier of 100% pure maple syrup and offer innovative maple syrup products. Honey from the Citadelle cooperative is primarily aimed at the food processing sector, including the meat, micro-brewery, bakery, and confectionery industries. Their cranberries are 100% natural and contain no stabilizers, colours or glycerin to enhance our natural fruit.



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