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Organic cranberry seed oil 


Fruit d'Or

Organic cranberry seed oil is made from cranberry seeds that are cold pressed to extract the oil from the seeds. Then, the oil is filtered. No solvent or chemical are used in this process. Oil extracted from cranberry seeds has a long shelf life due to the high concentration of antioxidants in the oil. This stability also leads to a "neutral" taste, with no undesirable aftertaste, as opposed to "grassy" or "fishy" tastes from common omega-3 sources like fish and flax seed oils. High in antioxidants equals ability to stabilize fatty acids equal longer product shelf life equals less rancidity from oxidation equal better taste profiles in oils equal more options for food delivery




Fruit d’Or is a global company that engages in processing blueberry and cranberry products for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. To meet the requirements of each customer, this company can develop and convert the cranberries and blueberries into dried fruit, concentrated fruit juice, puree or powder form. These ingredients do not contain fat or GMO, and are all 100 percent natural.



Fruit d'Or

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