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Sodium Alginate 

Sodium Alginate is an organic macromolecule obtained from the cell walls of brown algae. It is used as a stabilizer in ice creams, yogurts, creams, and cheeses. It acts as a thickener and emulsifier for salad dressings, puddings, jams, tomato juices, and canned products. It is a hydration agent for noodles, breads, cool and frozen products. In the presence of calcium and acid mediums, it forms resilient gels. It is a cold gelling; it needs no heat to gel. It is most commonly used with calcium lactate or calcium chloride in the spherification process.




ICD Biochemistry (Q.D) Co., Ltd. is a global supplier that manufactures and exports food ingredients used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company utilizes its advanced inspect methods and experience in chemical development to create a wide range of thickeners, sweeteners, food flavors, and more. ICD Biochemistry’s products mainly support human health and environment protection.


ICD Biochemistry (Q.D) Co., Ltd.

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