Milk Permeate Powder (Food Grade) 

Milk Permeate Powder (Food Grade) is manufactured from fresh skimmed milk by ultra filtration, evaporation and spray drying to meet a clean, milky flavour profile. It is a creamy white, free-flowing crystalline powder with a clean milky taste. Milk Permeate Powder is used in a variety of applications, including confectionary products, and as a filler for food products or a carrier for seasonings.




Interfood Ingredients Ltd is a global supplier of dairy ingredients used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company has a portfolio that consists of Cheese, Infant Milk Powders, Dairy Proteins, Fat Filled Powders, Condensed & Evaporated Milk, Milk Powders & Derivatives, and more. These ingredients are widely used in beverages, chocolate, confectionery, ice cream, and baked goods.


Interfood Ingredients Ltd

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