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Pennant Dipping Cherries 

Pennant Dipping Cherries appears as whole cherries in a syrup. This product is red colored and measures 18 to 20 mm. This product has a sweet cherry taste and smell. Pennant Dipping Cherries is used in various food products, including cherry cordials, chocolate covered cherry products, and desserts. This product can be used in bakery products, confectionery, desserts, fruits, meals, convenience food, and vegetarian foods.


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Gray & Co. is a manufacturer of ice cream, glace and maraschino cherries. They manufacture mincemeat, apples, blueberries, glace pineapple and mixes. They feature all-natural glace and maraschino cherries (no artificial color or flavor) & they can provide sugar free pineapple and glace cherries.


Gray & Co./Steensma

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