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Full Fat Soya Flour - (Enzyme Active) 

Full Fat Soya Flour - (Enzyme Active) is prepared without heat treatment and has a high NSI value of around 80%. It is used in Bakery Products (white bread and rolls), mainly for its lipoxidase activity. Lipoxidase catalyses oxidative bleaching of carotenoid pigments, in wheat flour. Enzyme-Active Soybean Flour is a valuable natural agent for bleaching flour, especially where the use of chemical bleaching agents have been prohibited. Lipoxidase activity is also beneficial to mechanical properties of dough. When used in toast rolls, food mixes, nutrition food and baby foods it increases protein value, and improves mixing tolerance. It also extends shelf life, oxidative stability and acts as an emulsifier.




Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited is an international agro- processor and an exporter of a wide range of products. Some of the products they produce include refined soybean oil, shortening, wheat flour, starch and it's derivatives and a variety of soy products. All Gujarat Ambuja Exports plants are set up with the latest modern technology and a fully equipped infrastructure.


Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.

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