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Sheli Gum SLA002 

Sheli Gum SLA001 is a multi-functional water gel product co-extracted and refined from various species of seaweeds and konjac by using scientific formulation and the principle of sedimentation, this product also has a viscosity of 50mPa.s and a gel strength of >1800. This product has, high gel strength, excellent water retention, instant solubility, good transparency, low viscosity, and high brine gel strength. Which entails that this product is beneficial for confectionary jelly, pudding and dairy products, drinks and beverages, pharmaceutical and health care products, replaces of locust bean gum and brine meat product.




Hong Kong Sheli Ltd. is a global producer that develops and processes hydrocolloid products used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company offers a wide range of ingredients that include Konjac Gum, Agar Agar, Sodium Alginate, Sheli Gum, and more. Most of these products are widely used as thickeners, stabilizers, and emulsifiers in sauces, puddings, gravies, fillings, and confectionery.


Chengdu Xieli Konjac Scentific Planting & Processing Community Co., Ltd

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