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Sodium Saccharine 

Sodium Saccharine also referred to simple as saccharin, is most commonly known as a widely used artificial sweetener. Saccharin in its acid form is not water soluble so the sweetener is combined with sodium salt to help absorption. The compound is thought to be from 300 to 500 times as sweet as conventional sugar, or sucrose. Sodium saccharin can be found in diet soft drinks, syrups, baked goods, ice cream, and other sweet foods and drinks. In food products, this sweetener is commonly used in combination with other artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and cyclamate. When used with aspartame, sodium saccharin is useful because it has a longer shelf-life, so the drink will retain its sweetness. In the case of cyclamate, the combination is typically used because each sweetener serves to cover the other's off flavors.




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I.H.C. Chempharm

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