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Sodium Isoascorbat 

Sodium Isoascorbat, also known as Sodium erythorbate, is used in processed meats to help retain color. It does so by preventing meat oxidation, and is therefore classified as an antioxidant. Sodium erythorbate is virtually identical to vitamin C, but does not have the same nutritional value. Erythorbic acid is made from sugar and sodium to create this salt. Sodium erythorbate is a source of sodium, which can increase blood pressure. Though it does so in the same way that sodium chloride does, sodium erythorbate is used in much lower quantities in foods, and is not a substantial source of dietary sodium. Foods made with sodium erythorbate tend to be high in overall sodium, however, because they are mostly processed meat products like bacon, sausage and cold cuts.




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I.H.C. Chempharm

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