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-Lysine is an essential amino acid that is available as a nutritional supplement. It helps the body absorb calcium, and supports the creation of collagen. Evidence suggests that lysine may help treat cold sores and help prevent osteoporosis. Amino acids such as L-Lysine are required to maintain good health. These acids are not manufactured by the human body. People get their required amount of amino acids from food, nutritional supplements, and herbs. Natural sources of this amino acid include red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, and legumes, such as beans and peas. L-Lysine is linked to the production of carnitine. Carnitine converts fatty acids into energy, which in turn reduces cholesterol in the bloodstream. Lysine has also been used to treat cold sores. Several studies were completed to test the effectiveness of taking L-Lysine supplements on a regular basis to control cold sore and genital herpes outbreaks. These studies had mixed results. While some groups concluded that this supplement prevented outbreaks, other studies showed that the Lysine supplements had no effect on the duration or timing of outbreaks. Since it is connected to the production of collagen, athletes sometimes take lysine supplements. Collagen builds connective tissues and helps the human body maintain lean muscle tissue and burn fat. No major studies support this use of the lysine supplement.




I.H.C. Chempharm is a company working with products for the Cosmetic, Pharma, Chemical, Petfood, Feed and Food Industries. Products for the Food include Amino Acids, Hydrocolloids, Releasing Agents, Fiber, Emulsifiers/Stabilizers, Carriers/Fillers/Wetting Agents, Dyestuff, Dietary Supplement, Carbohydrates, Plasticizers, Vitamins, Acidifier, Antioxidants, Preservatives, Flavor Additives and Sweeteners.


I.H.C. Chempharm

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