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Purephenon™ Nat Green Tea Powder 50 P 

Purephenon™ Nat Green Tea Powder 50 P is a light brown to light reddish powder that is highly purified and highly stable. It is made from green tea contains 40% green tea catechins and 50% polyphenols. This product has no off flavors and undesirable color, it is also highly stable. Purephenon Nat Green Tea Powder has no bitterness or astringency.



P.T. Ogawa Indonesia develops and researches "aroma" and "taste," two essential components that focus great kinds of nourishments and refreshments. Other than making true flavors, they likewise seek after trustworthy and safe food ingredients and create very imaginative flavor items that have extra values other than "fragrance" and "taste." Through these exertions, we make items that can fulfill current needs broadening step by step.


P.T. Ogawa Indonesia

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