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AAK AB目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

ILLEXAO™ HS 90 is a heat-stable solution, designed to raise the melting point of chocolate for example for products distributed in warm climates. Softening of chocolate is kept at bay, and chocolate maintains the right snap for perfect enjoyment by the consumer. It is a great choice for chocolate high in milk fat. Based on raw materials such as shea, illipe and palm oil ILLEXAO™ products are as natural as cocoa butter. Choose ILLEXAO™ HS 90 for: improved heat stability and to tailor-make the melting-profile of your chocolate.


Aarhus Karlshamn (AAK) offers refined vegetable oils that are used to substitute dairy fats and cocoa butter. This provides transfree solutions for fillings for chocolate and confectionery products, as well as by the cosmetics industry. They also offer products for the food and feed industries. Aarhus Karlshamn is committed to sustainability and all AAK products are renewable and originate in nature.




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