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GS 5300H - Isolated Soy Protein 

GS 5300H - Isolated Soy Protein is a light yellow colored powder that is made from soybean proteins. It has excellent dispersibility and a low viscosity. It also contains a low amount of sodium and high amounts of calcium and potassium. This product is intended for use in high calcium beverages, infant formulas, cereals, and nutritional bars.



Gushen Biological Technology Group Co. is an international company known for their processing of soybean oil and protein products. Their main product exports include soybean dietary fiber, soy polysaccharides, soy protein concentrate, soybean protein and soy protein isolate. Other products include soy lecithin, soy high-temperature dregs, soy white flakes, protein powder and soybean meal.


Gushen Biological Technology Group Co., Ltd

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