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Whey Permeate (VersiLac®) 

Whey Permeate (VersiLac®) is a cost-effective source of dairy solids that can readily replace whey or nonfat dry milk in most formulations. Whey Permeate VersiLac® is also an effective tool for reducing costs and lowering usage levels of target ingredients like sodium, sugar, cocoa, or cheese powders. This product can successfully replace up to 100% of whey powder, lactose, or non-fat dry milk and 10-25% of salt, sugar, cocoa, butter or cheese powder in select bakery, confectionary, savory, and beverage applications


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Proliant Dairy Ingredients is a supplier of dairy ingredients and products for the food industries. Proliant Dairy Ingredients has a wide range of products such as whey permeate, liquid whey, and cheese. Proliant Dairy Ingredients use processes that involve reactor tanks complete with pH measurement, agitation, heating and cooling abilities, and load cells to create their high quality products.


Proliant Dairy Ingredients

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