Sapore Nabucco 



Sapore Nabucco is a ready to use bread mix made from a blend of wheat flour and potassium chloride, to increase the salty/savory perception in bakery products. This product can be used as an addition for creating a wide variety of bread products including: bagels, baguettes, ciabattas, crisp bread rusks, flat breads, flour tortillas, hamburger buns, loaf breads, multi-grain whole meal breads, panettones, pizzas, pretzels, rolls, rye breads, savory snacks, soft rolls, toast breads and yeast raised donuts. Sapore Nabucco is designed to reduce the salt level in your breads up to 50% without impacting the taste.


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Puratos is a supplier of ingredients for the food industry. Puratos has a wide range of products that include mixes, improvers, and flavor enhancers for patisserie, bakery, and chocolate applications. Puratos creates products that have vital nutrients such as antioxidants, GDA, prebiotics, satiety, and whole grains. Puratos also uses the most advanced enzyme technology to create high quality bread products.



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