SensiPearl® is a dry pigment that adds iridescent shimmer to products. It is available in both powder and dust-free dispersion forms. SensiPearl® is water insoluble, has a melting point of >315 degrees Celcius, and is temperature resistant. SensiPearl® is used in bakery, cereal, and confection. SensiPearl® is ideal for products such as cereals, frostings, gelatin desserts, hard and soft candies, and chewing gums.




Sensient Food Colors is a global supplier of color solutions for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company produces natural, environmentally friendly ingredients such as Dyes and Lakes, Color Inclusions™, Natural Brown, ACCUPAK™, AVALANCHE™, and more. Most of these products can provide the flexibility, the safety, and the stability to various types of food and beverages.


Sensient Food Colors North America

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