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Conventional Low Methoxyl Pectin 

Conventional Low Methoxyl Pectin is a low methoxyl pectin that contains less than 50% of the carboxylic acid units esterified and forms gels only with polyvalent ions. This product provides a firm, shirt structure, a clear colour, and a good flavour release to jams, jellies, and beverages. Conventional Low Methoxyl Pectin is typically standardised according to the gel strength, setting temperature and calcium reactivity.



Silvateam - Silvachimica is a manufacturing company who recently entered the hydrocolloid market with their production of stabilizer blends, pectin and Tara gum. They also provide an extensive line of natural extracts and oenological tannins to fully complete their product offerings that are suited for current market requirements. Their products help to extend shelf life and to aid in the texture, taste and appearance of finished products.


Silvateam - Silvachimica

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