Green Tea Extract 

Green Tea Extract is a botanical extract obtained from Camelia Sinesis leaves, which grow in South America. This product is rich in heath properties and is commonly used in beverages and pharmaceuticals. Green Tea Extract can reduce blood cholesterol, protect against tooth decay, provide energy in cases of fatigue and depression, maintain health skin and hair, help the metabolism of bones and tissues, ensure proper functioning of liver and kidney, reduce the absorption of sugar and fat (thermogenesis), aid digestion, tone up the skin, help headaches, help to prevent nervous breakdowns, and aid in rheumatic pains.




Silvateam - Silvachimica is a manufacturing company who recently entered the hydrocolloid market with their production of stabilizer blends, pectin and Tara gum. They also provide an extensive line of natural extracts and oenological tannins to fully complete their product offerings that are suited for current market requirements. Their products help to extend shelf life and to aid in the texture, taste and appearance of finished products.


Silvateam - Silvachimica

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