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Cake Flavoring 

Cake Flavoring is a flavoring substance with a taste and smell similar to that of fresh-baked cake. This product is available in liquid or powder, water or oil solubility, and natural or non-natural forms. Cake Flavoring is most commonly used as a flavoring in baking applications such as biscuits and cakes.




TAIGA International N.V. is a flavoring house for the world-wide tobacco and food industry. They rely on the natural flavor ingredients from the tropics to all forms of climates. They offer tailor made flavors which include fish bait flavors, sweet flavors and savory flavors and are all based on their essential oils listing. These oils include but are not limited to Spearmint, Nutmeg, Lemon, Grapefruit, Clove Bud, Buchu, Basil and Angelica Root Oils.


TAIGA International N.V.

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