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Gsweet Aspartame Ultra Fine Granular 

Gsweet Aspartame Ultra Fine Granular is a nutritive sweetener that contains 2 amino acids. It is metabolized the same as the food protein. It is a white, crystalline substance that is about 200 times sweeter than sugar. Gsweet Aspartame Granular provides a clean sugar without any bitter or metallic aftertaste. This product is for use in sodas and fruit drinks.



Changzhou Guanghui Biotechnology (GSweet) is a significant international manufacturer of blending sweeteners and aspartame. They offer aspartame in different grades and granulations as well as table top tablets and more. GSweet continues to adhere to international quality standards and offer quality service.


Changzhou Guanghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Gsweet)

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