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Romoban® Calcium Propionate 


Fine Organics

Romoban® Calcium Propionate is a food additive, in the form of a fine white powder. Its is a mold and fungal inhibitor in breads, cakes, buns, rolls, pizza bases, doughnuts and other baked goods. It is composed of calcium salt of propianate acid. Romoban® Calcium Propionate acts as a preservative in food products.




Fine Organics is a leading producer of specialty additives for many industries including food and several other specialty applications. The additives that are produced by Fine Organics for the food industry fall under either Specialty Products (6 products), Emulsifiers (20 products) or Anti-fungal agents/Preservatives (2 products). They cater to the needs of chocolate, confectionery, pasta, noodles, soft drink, dairy, biscuit, ice-cream and bakery manufacturers.


Fine Organics

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