Bovine Bone and Skin Collagen (Regular Fine Powder) 

Bovine Bone and Skin Collagen (Regular Fine Powder) is also called Hydrolyzed Gelatin. It is produced from fresh skin/bone or food grade gelatin products. The product is produced by a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis in HACCP, GMP and ISO certified factories which are third party audited. It meets USP and FCC standards. It is used in dairy, meat products, protein beverages, wine and juice clarification and in instant teas. It appears as free flowing fine powder that passes through 100 mesh or finer.




Nutra Food Ingredients, LLC is a supplier of raw materials for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company specializes in sweeteners, collagen, gelatin, and natural xylitol and polyols. These ingredients are widely used in dairy products, instant teas, fruit juices, meat products, and dietary supplements. The company can also provide customized products to meet customers’ needs.


Nutra Food Ingredients, LLC

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