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U-Gum™ Carrageenan 


PT Indo Seaweed

U-Gum™ Carrageenan is a pure semi-refined kappa carrageenan or processed Eucheuma Seaweed (PES) obtained from the natural strains of seaweeds Eucheuma cottonii and Eucheuma spinosum, of the class Rhodphycease (red seaweed). It is a 200 mesh natural seaweed extract powder mainly composed of a high purity kappa carrageenan specially developed as a food additive for use as a gelling agent, meat binder and extender, stabilizer, thickener, and texture enhancer in food products that are intended and fit for human consumption. This product is often used in cheese, yogurt, ice cream, hard candy, canned meat and fish, bread, donuts, etc.




PT Indo Seaweed is a seaweed processing company producing food grade carrageenan for the food industry. Their product can be used in numerous applications such as dairy products, dessert and confectioneries, starch-based products and meat products.


PT Indo Seaweed

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