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Dipotassium Hydrogen Phosphate 

Dipotassium Hydrogen Phosphate is a food additive used to lower acid levels in processed foods. It also acts as a stabilizer and is used to lower sodium levels in cheese. It is a white color and comes in the form of powder. Dipotassium Hydrogen Phosphate is used in processed foods, non-dairy creamers, energy drinks, coffee, and cheese.


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Lianyungang Debang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of the most experience producers of phosphates and citrates for food and beverage applications. Their extensive portfolio encompasses calcium carbonate, monosodium phosphate, sodium hexmetaphosphate, sodium citrate, phosphoric acid, and much more. These products can be used for stabilization, emulsification, gelling, rising, curing, and fortification.


Lianyungang Debang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

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