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Nanning Pangbo Biological Engineering Co., Ltd目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

Bromelain is a natural enzyme used to hydrolyze most soluble proteins. Used in food and pharmaceutical industries, it is extracted from pineapple stems by means of biotechnology. It is also used to improve the nutritional value of plant and animal proteins, and used in the production of meat tenderizers, wine clarifiers, soy sauce, noodle stabilizers and health food. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is primarily used as an anti inflammatory, and in the treatment of insect bites, and numerous ailments unique to women. Bromelain has an enzyme activity expressed by GDU/g, or gelatin digesting units. The specific enzyme activity for Bromelain is 1000GDU/g-3500GDU/g, with a suitable reaction temperature of 40--45℃.


Nanning Pangbo Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. engages in the production, sale, and research of various enzymes for the food and beverage industry. Their product portfolio includes plant and animal enzymes, microbial enzymes, and special enzymes. The enzymes find application in starches, seasoning, meat binding, anti-inflammatory products, as well as beverages, pharmaceutical, and food protein processing.



Nanning Pangbo Biological Engineering Co., Ltd

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