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Cellulase is an enzyme obtained through the fermentation process of Trichoderma spp., and is used in juice, brewing, textile and forage industries. It has enzyme activity of >10,000U/g, and an optimum reaction temperature of 40-50℃, and an optimum pH of 4.8. Cellulase is a known allergen when the eyes, skin or mucous membrane are exposed for an extended period of time.




Nanning Pangbo Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. engages in the production, sale, and research of various enzymes for the food and beverage industry. Their product portfolio includes plant and animal enzymes, microbial enzymes, and special enzymes. The enzymes find application in starches, seasoning, meat binding, anti-inflammatory products, as well as beverages, pharmaceutical, and food protein processing.


Nanning Pangbo Biological Engineering Co., Ltd

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