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Liquid Malt Extract



Liquid Malt Extract is a liquid of high viscosity and an intense caramel color. It has a pleasant taste and aroma uniquely from malt, strengthening the flavor, color and aroma of its final product. It is mostly used in moist mixtures but due to its special flavor, color and pleasant aroma, it is also used in the food industry to improve organoleptic properties, nutritional value, texture and shelf life.


Maltexcofood is a quality supplier of 100% natural ingredients for strengthening food. They provide barley powder, barley flour, caramel flour, malt extract, malt flour, pearl barley, powdered malt extract, and roasted malt and barley flours. Their products are commonly used in breakfast cereals, baked goods, dairy products and beverages, breadmaking, and for coating applications.




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