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Kashu Gura Red Miso (Shinshu Style Red Miso) 

Kashu Gura Red Miso (Shinshu Style Red Miso) is a mild paste that is red in color with a salty and tangy taste. It is aged longer than shinshu-style white and has a richer and more complex flavor. Its main ingredients are soybeans and rice which provide amino acids to help in our overall health and immune function. It used as a flavor additive for salad dressings, sauces, marinades, baked tofu, vegetable dishes, dessert sorbets, and is a main ingredient in miso soup.




Marukome Co., Ltd. is a leading global supplier of fermented ingredients used in the Food and Beverage industry. For over 150 years, it has specialized in miso, a fundamental component of Japanese cuisine. Markome’s range includes All Natural Reduced Sodium, Premium White (Saikyo Type), Red (Shinshu Style), White (Shinsu Style), White Dashi-Iri, and Nagomi Miso – as well as Shio and Shoyu Koji.


Marukome Co., Ltd.

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