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Shoyu Koji (Soy Sauce) 

Shoyu Koji (Soy Sauce) is a fermented mixture of soy sauce and Koji rice spore. It is used due to its rich enzymes and its ability to bring out umami in foods. It is used as a flavor additive and condiment on Japanese dishes such as as noodles, rice and meat.




Marukome Co., Ltd. is a leading global supplier of fermented ingredients used in the Food and Beverage industry. For over 150 years, it has specialized in miso, a fundamental component of Japanese cuisine. Markome’s range includes All Natural Reduced Sodium, Premium White (Saikyo Type), Red (Shinshu Style), White (Shinsu Style), White Dashi-Iri, and Nagomi Miso – as well as Shio and Shoyu Koji.


Marukome Co., Ltd.

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