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Soda Ash Technical Grade 

Sodium Carbonate, Anhydrous Technical Grade, known chemically as sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), has been in use for thousands of years. Soda Ash occurs in many kinds of mineral waters and in mineral deposits of certain springs and lake brines. The richest and most commonly found source of Soda Ash is trona, a mix of sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and water. Although trona can be found in many places, the world’s purest, largest and most accessible deposit is in Wyoming’s Green River Basin.

At OCI Wyoming’s 3.25 million short ton facility, trona is mined using the “Room and Pillar Method” and conveyed to the surface to be refined into dense soda ash. Quality control is maintained through detailed instrumentation, laboratory testing and rigid supervision. Our extensive industry experience, knowledgeable staff, modern laboratories, ISO 9001 (2008 Standard) certification and highly efficient processing facilities combine to provide OCI customers with superior service and support. Soda Ash is used in a variety of industries and applications including Food Manufacturing (i.e. yeast, baking soda, etc.)




OCI Chemical Corporation is a global manufacturer that develops and supplies natural soda ash products used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company has a product range that includes Soda Ash and Hydrogen Peroxide. These products are widely used in the process of food manufacturing such as yeast and baking soda. They also can be sold in bulk and are Kosher certified products.


OCI Chemical Corporation

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