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Sucralose, chemical formula C12H19CL3O8, is an artificial sugar substitute derived from sugar and chlorine gas. This product appears as a white to yellowish white free-flowing powder, with a sweetness 600-650 times that of sucrose. Sucralose has zero calories, does not promote cavities, and therefore is suitable for both diabetic and dental health diets. As it is a zero-calorie substitute for sugar, it can be used as a table top sweetener and used as an ingredient in cooking, baking food and beverage products.

Sucralose can be used in beverages, fruit and vegetable juice, mustard sauce, fruit sauce, salad dressing, soy sauce, oyster sauce, bread, cakes, sandwiches, fruit pies, breakfast cereals, soy milk powder, sweet milk powder, chewing gums, syrups, confectionery, preserved fruits, and dehydrated fruits.




Unisweet (Shandong) Sucralose was an early leader in manufacturing Sucralose in China. They continue to specialize in this manufacturing and have created a very reputable brand of "Unisweet" Sucralose. It is 600-650 times sweeter than sugar and 3 times sweeter than Aspartame. It has a very similar taste to actual sugar and has been proved totally safe for human consumption.


Unisweet (Shandong) Sucralose Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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