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OxyVac™ enzyme based oxygen scavenger system. Designed not to produce flavors or odors, it is a fine white powder that prevents growth of aerobic pathogens and prevents oxidative damage. The product is used for extending the shelf life and quality of grated cheeses, fresh pasta, par-baked bread products, or other modified atmosphere (MAP or CAP) packaged products, and it can be added to the surface of food products within 20 minutes of package sealing.



Nutricepts, Inc. is an international supplier that researches and produces specialty food ingredients used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company cooperates with food technologists and academic research departments to develop products that include OxyVac™, OxyVac-S™, CrystalBan™, and Alpha Trim™-W. They can also create customized solutions to meet customers’ demands and requirements.


Nutricepts, Inc.

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