Sodium Gluconate, FCC IV, USP23, E576 

Sodium Gluconate, FCC IV, USP23, E576 is a stability agent. It is a yellow, gray, or light yellowish green color in powder or granules form. It has a caramel-like odor and has a aqueous solution of glucose which increases stability. Sodium Gluconate, FCC IV, USP23, E576 is used in cereal products, dairy, infant food, beverages, and black olives.




Jiangsu Chemical Fertilizer mainly focused on ammonium sulphate, liquid ammonia, chemical fertilizer and related products, food additives, and a variety of organic, inorganic chemical industries and fine chemical products. They offer a wide variety of gluconates including copper, ferrous, sodium and Glucono-δ-lactone USP24.


Jiangsu Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd

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